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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lagos - The Algarve, Portugal

Originally named Lacobriga by the Romans and then Zawaia by the Moors, Lagos was settled prior to the Roman’s conquest of Iberia, due to its natural river port and proximity to the sea. Its modern area actually began in 1249 when Dom Afonso III made it part of the Portuguese kingdom, and from there, the renamed Lagos played an important role in discovering the rest of the world.

While Lagos has a number of architectural testaments to its Roman, Moorish and feudal pasts, it is now an important tourist destination.

One of the most picturesque parts of Lagos is its marina. The yachts and pleasure boats that moor here speak to the town’s status as a place where leisure-seeking Europeans come to play. Visitors to the marina will find various boat tours including yacht cruises and deep-sea fishing trips. Also of note in the marina: Forte da Bandeira The town’s Marina presents a lovely picture and this harbor is practically the first sight a visitor has of Lagos.

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